ZANLURE 25/37/44x5m PVA Coarse Bait Wrap Bags Water Dissolving Narrow Refill Fishing Net Feeder Lures Mesh Fishing Tackle


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PVA water-soluble bait net for fishing and nesting. The mesh aperture is about 2 mm.
It can be divided into mesh bags of different lengths according to the needs.
When the nest is filled, the granular bait is loaded, hung on the hook, dissolved in the water for a few minutes, and the granular bait is naturally scattered.
Around the hook, it is the best choice for long-range and sea bream fishing.

The concept of water-soluble nesting net:
The water-soluble nesting net is a tool for nesting when fishing. It is made into a mesh by using a water-soluble PVA line at room temperature. When fishing, the bait is packed in the net, hooked with a hook, and sunk into the bottom of the water. At this time, the water-soluble net will melt, and the bait material will sink to the bottom and attract the fish.

Dissolution principle:
The dissolution process of the water-soluble network is an alternating process of physical and chemical changes, hydrophilic-swell-re-swell-dissolve, and the final products dissolved are carbon dioxide and water.

Recommended method of loading bait:
The bait bucket is easy to use and is not easily damp. It can also be replaced by a toilet paper roll at home and stored in a plastic bag to protect it from moisture.

Package included:

1 x Fishing Bait Wrap Bags

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