12pcs Aromatherapy Essential oil for Air Diffuser Aroma Therapy Humidifier


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1. Different types of essential oils have different functions.
2. Improve circulatory system, soothe nerves and relieve fatigue
3. Refresh the spirit, relax the muscles, calm the sleep. Relieve headaches.
4. It is a water-soluble essential oil, suitable for humidifiers, atomizing sprayers, aromatherapy lamps,
Incense lamp, electronic incense burner, etc.


Product Type: Essential Oil
12 aromas: jasmine, lavender, rose, lemon, sandalwood, violet, green tea, marine, magnolia,
Strawberry, snowdrop, osmanthus
Capacity: 10ml / bottle
Bottle body material: glass
Bottle size: App 2.5 x 6cm

How To Use:

1. Aromatherapy, evaporator, diffusion, fuel burner, inhalation,
2. Compression, perfume, blending, spa and home care, cleaning products. For external use only.
Spraying method:
3. Spray face: Fill pure water in 100ML mist, add 3-5 drops of pure oil, shake well
Spray directly on face or body skin.
4. Clean air: add a few drops of essential oil in pure water to spray the air, purify the clean air, and kill the virus.


1. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not use on children.
2. Essential oils should not be used instead of seeing a doctor. never
Prescribe on your own. If you have any questions, please consult your doctor. Do not always use on sensitive skin
A small amount of oil is tested before use.
3. It is not used for skin care or applied directly on the skin.

Package Included:

12 bottles x 10 ml essential oil


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